Surviving Saigon is a resource for anyone planning to move to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

You’re one of three people:

You’re sitting in some sad cubicle looking at pictures of tropical foreign beaches in an incognito window, cleverly hidden behind your SalesForce dashboard. You’re bored, and flirting with the idea of pulling the plug and sending your fate in a wildly new direction.  You will not allow this to cubicle to be your destiny.  Because you have a plan. 


You just booked, are currently on, or currently ending your “Trip of a Lifetime.”  You feel a vague sadness at the fact that it’s ending or will end.  So that was it? That was my “Trip of a Lifetime?”  You landed in Bangkok, bewildered and excited, full of hope with the world in your eyes.  You struck out on your own from there.  And you got addicted. You need more.


You’ve won a lottery, maybe by stumbling into a veritable El Dorado of good luck, and are FOB in Saigon. You avoided the exhausted, well-worn paths of Korea, Taiwan, China, or Japan, and you struck the dragon right in its heart.  Congrats, badass. You made it. Welcome to the party. Now just try not to die.

Either way, this blogs sole purpose is to help you get here, survive here, and thrive here, in the electrified third rail of South East Asia.  Browse our resources below: